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I miss you. Simple, plain, not poetry. I just, miss you.


I stole that toonie when I was little and I lied about it. You asked me 3 times if I took it and I said no. I still feel bad for taking it. I’ve never stolen a thing, other than that damn toonie.


I’ve never felt more alone.


I still dream about you even though you hurt me deeper than anyone has.


I saw you making an effort, and you even managed to tell me you love me but then you pulled away again and I am reminded; I can’t do this anymore. You are incapable of being consistent. I need better. I want better. I am sorry, but I think it was too little too late.


I blamed you for us not working, for us falling apart. I realize now, that it was not you alone who lit us on fire. We burned to ash together. I am sorry.


I have no desire to bond with any new people in any way other than physically, and I hope I never make another new friend in this lifetime.


I love you for all that you gave to me but I hate you for not being able to give me what I wanted most. You.


There are days I wish my friends didn’t talk to me. The idea of friendship is exhausting. Even though I’m known to be the friendly & bubbly one of our group. I’m tired.


I sometimes wish I was more sociopathic.

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