A woman of many hats, from being a U of T alumnus, to past pirate radio DJ and programmer, from stay at home Mom to single Mom, to former sex worker, to various website administration positions, I offer a wide, and often inflammatory, perspective on various topics, while having fun creating and expanding my current skill sets.

I am thrilled to be a part of the ASM team and look forward to the road that lies ahead.

  • Kamala
    You must love her not for all the potential you see but instead love her for all that she is,
  • Saved by a Druid
    We’d spent the entire week adventuring  around Portugal; from Lisbon, we’d visited Tomar, Sintra, Alvito, Beja, Evora, Montemor-o-novo, with the
  • Etsy Boycott?
    I’d run a shop on Etsy before and had a decent overall experience. So, when my daughter and I decided
  • We Have No Working Hospitals in Toronto
    Warning: This is going to be a difficult discussion and before we begin, we NEED to separate the idea of
  • Don’t buy into Crypto Dip Panic – Buy into Crypto
    Whenever anything trends ask yourself, “who benefits from this?”, and let me say it usually isn’t you, the audience. You